Olympic Fever at Lakewood

Here at Lakewood Tigers HQ we're very much looking forward to the Olympic football - whilst the Europeans have had their football fix with the Euro 2012 tournament, we've not seen our boys in action for what seems like an eternity.

And it will be our boys - the squad has to be predominately filled with U-23 year olds, and are only allowed to have three players above that age. But we trust in our boys.

At the Lakewood clubhouse we'll be going all-out to back the boys, with the matches screen live for all the family to come and watch, as well as Olympic themed nights, raffles, competitions and a closing ceremony!

We have three Olympic football shirt replicas to give away to the people who can do the most keepie-uppies, and other amusing comps.

On top of that we'll be running a football betting competition - everyone will start on $20, and whoever gets their bets right (and manages to beat the bookies) will take a share of the enrty fees!

It's going to be an EPIC olympics this year, so get involved, and see you down the clubhouse!